Mars in Sagittarius

With Mars in Sagittarius the person has an abundance of energy. Both the planet Mars and the sign of Sagittarius are elements of Fire. A Person with Mars in Sagittarius is likely brimming with ideas and inspiration. They will have great energy to learn, explore, travel and take risks. People with this combination could well be the extreme sports enthusiasts, the snowboarders, mountaineers, skydivers or people who like to swim with sharks. Fortunately for them the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, endows them with a sunny outlook and a lucky disposition, so more than often than not they will come out of their adventures with a smile on their face and a great adventure to be told. On a more mild level these will be the people who are inspired by travel and understanding foreign cultures or the general pursuit of understanding collective thought such as philosophy or religion. They may even become crusaders for a cause or religion and fundamentalism can be a definite danger if this is taken too far. The fierey combination of Mars in Sagittarius can make these people quick to fly in to a mood but like a lightning storm it will be pass quickly and no resentments will be felt.