Mars in Pisces

The placement of Mars in Pisces is potentially a very powerful one. The planet Mars is all about energy, personal desire and strength whilethe sign of Pisces is about incusivity of all people. So taken to it's extreme this can be a person who champions the rights of the underdog and promotes socially justice and tolerance and defends the weak and the needy. However much of the time, unless the person is confident, the martian energy will be muted or supressed in this most watery of signs. These people may be very indirect in expressing their strength and may evoke sympathy or the emotions of the other person to get what they want. Somehat like a monk or an aesthetic these people may need time alone to remember who they are and the power they have inside of them. It's important though for them and the world that they do not go into seclusion for too long as they have a lot to give. As we said initially this is a very powerful combination although it may not first appear to be so. It combines the Fire of Mars with the compassion of the last of the Water elements Pisces.