Mars in Capricorn

With Mars in Capricorn it indicates someone who is capable of extremely hard work to achieve their objectives. These are the individuals who will stay late into the evenings at work when everyone else has left to get their tasks done. Most likely over time they will get promoted and rise to a senior position in their company. Alternatively they may work hard to form their own businesses. They will measure other people by the effort they put in, their reliability and trustworthiness. For them the reward is all about the effort they put in. They may feel constantly guilty that they are not working hard enough or are not talented enough to get to where they want to be, but this will only spur them on to greater efforts. People with Mars in Capricorn will take accreditations in their various fields and seek external confirmation of their abilities through recognised authoritiesi such as guilds and institutions. Mars is considered exalted or in favour in Capricorn because the discipline of Capricorn directs the energy of Mars to achieve great things. This combination can be the sign of very good organisers or tacticians as the energy of Mars is kept in an organized and focused manner.