Mars in Aquarius

With Mars in Aquarius the strength and energy of a person are focused through the last of the Air Signs Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is concerned with universal equality and justice and the rights of all people. Therefore people with this sign combination tend to use their energy to champion these rights. They will hate to see one group favoured over another and will defend those values against embedded and traditional ways of thinking. Unlike the previous combination of Mars in Capricorn they will not seek to confirm to the history of how things have always been done but will do things as they see fit and correct. These will be the policy makers who will ensure access to learning and opportunity are open to all people of all races regardless of their background or social upbringing. Taken to the extremes these people can be the revolutionaries who overthrow the traditional order in the world or who fight against any kind of ruling elite. The Che Guevara type character who ferments revolution because of perceived injustices. Since Aquarius is such a revolutionary sign, people with Mars in Aquarus can inspire revolution in all kinds of fields, including new ways of thinking in Biology and Medicine and new theories in Science. Taken to the very highest level these could be the nobel prize winners in their various fields.