Jupiter in Virgo

With Jupiter in Virgo the expansive and benelovent planet of Jupiter lies in the earthly and detailed sign of Virgo. In many ways the planet has a contradictory nature to the sign it lies in. Jupiter is all about the big picture and Virgo is all about the details. For this reason and the fact that Jupiter is the natural ruler of the sign opposite to Virgo, Pisces, Jupiter is seen as being in detriment in this sign. People with Jupiter in Virgo tend to want to know every detail about a large project or venture and will want to see it all done to perfection. The positive of this is that the natives deeply car a project is done well in all of its aspects, the negative side is that they can want to become involved in everything , being a micro manager and not willing to delegate responsibility to others who may be better suited to complete the task at hand. Ultimately though people with this combination have the ability to manifest grand ideas and visions into the physical world which is a great talent. They may be left in charge of teams of many people and will coordinate them all to achieve a grand venture. Jupiter in an Astrology charts shows how a person thinks about their philosophy and religion. People with Jupiter in Virgo therefore believe that a philosophy of practicality and building things in the material world is the true way of serving others. For them high and mighty notions and ideas and speeches are not the idea but honest , hardworking and tangible results are what matter. Since Virgo is the sign associated with health people with Jupiter in Virgo may pioneer and be involved in the medical profession and hospitals and health food shops. They may bring alternative health ideas from different societies and make them part of their culture.