Jupiter in Pisces

With Jupiter in Pisces the planet lies in the second sign of its rulership. As with Sagittarius, the first sign, the planet feels comfortable and at home in this sign. Again it is very powerful here, rather like a sports team that is unbeatable on its home pitch. The sign of Pisces gives the planet Jupiter great sensitivity since the gift of this sign is the ability to feel other people and energies around them. For this reason people with Jupiter in Pisces are likely to be generous and kind to those around them. They will be the sort who give away their time and money to those less fortunate than themselves. Since Jupiter leads us to excess they may not know when to draw limits and find they are giving away more of their resources than is ultimately beneficial to themselves or the other person. They may be the person who gives money to a down and out only for the recipient to go off and spend it on more drink and excacerbate their problem. The person with Jupiter in Pisces is likely to be artistic and almost psychic in some ways. They are in touch with the collective unconscious and will be blessed with thoughts and ideas that do not come from normal verbal communication with other people. Being open to these collective energies means these people are constantly influenced by the world and the problems around them. For this reason they may well need periods of solitude to understand and reconnect with their own thoughts and desires. The negative attribute of people with planets in Pisces is that of trying to avoid the pain of this world, to which Pisces is highly attuned, by seeking pleasure at all costs. The excesses of Jupiter may well push these people to seek that pleasure in drugs, smoking, overeating, risk taking and other addictive and escapist behaviours.