Jupiter in Libra

With Jupiter in Libra the planet lies in an Air sign concerned with morality and justice. People with this combination are therefore highly concerned with the rights and wrongs of partnerships and relations between people. The sign of Jupiter will want to impose a moral order on any relationship. This may take the form of espousing a certain philoshopy or religion on to their partner or wider social circle. Since Jupiter can tend to lead to extremes it may be that people with Jupiter in Libra can become a little preachy and may wish to spread and impose their morality on to others. Rather like the person who has recently found their religious stance they may find it such a good thing that it becomes all they talk about and they want everyone else to discover their new found fortune. In a more positive sense these people will want to see social justice in the wider community and will make good relationship councillors, teachers or mediators and will could become leaders in their various communities. Possibly they could be the person who takes charge of their immediate neighbourhood or church, synagogue or mosque and do good deeds that benefit the whole community. This could also range from being the organiser of the neighbourood watch scheme or the local representative on the town council. The combination of Jupiter , altrusim and Libra justice can lead to a nature that is founded on selfless good works for others. It can in a more negative aspect indicate an obsession with justice and moralty that must be pursued at all costs. Whatever form it takes people with Jupiter in Libra are likely to hold strong views and moral values. It is how they impose them on others that will determine if they are a positive or negative influence on society.