Jupiter in Leo

With Jupiter in Leo the planet is manifested through the generous and flamboyant Fire sign of Leo. The sign of Leo in its most positive sense is generous and life giving. Like the Sun its ruling planet it gives of its light and warmth to all people. Similarly the planet Jupiter is beneficient and positive . Therefore the combination of Jupiter in Leo is that of a potemtially flamboyant, charismatic and generous individual. The Leo traits are expanded and amplified by the planet Jupiter. People with Jupiter in Leo are likely to possess a natural style and charisma. They will favour the very grand in their surroundings and personal appearance. Their houses are likely to be decadent and sumptuous in the extreme. The natural tendency of Leo to accumulate many followers through their natural style and charisma will be amplifed by the planet Jupiter. For this reason these people are rarely likely to be alone and will possess many natural admirers. There will be an excitement and energy surrounding these individuals. They will most likely be blessed with excessive energy, strength, dynamism and general life force. Alas like any combination there is a negative part to all these many gifts. If people with Jupiter in Leo become too self focused they are likely to be excessively vain and prideful and have a desperate need for attention. All events and conversation will have to be about them and they will have to be the centre of attention in any social gathering or interaction with others.