Jupiter in Gemini

With Jupiter in Gemini the planet of expansion lies in Airy and communicative Gemini. Generally the sign of Gemini is interested and fascinated by understanding ideas and how different elements function and are linked together in this world. With Jupiter in this sign it pushes this quest for knowledge to new levels. These people are interested in anything and evrything. For them the world is endlessly fascinating. It is likely to show in their speech in that they will communicate extensively with all around them in their quest for understanding and knowledge. These people may well be seen as chatterboxes who are rarely silent. On the positive side they may be fantastic and eloquent communicators and as a result of their many communications are likely to develop a wide circle of friends from different interests and social strata. The excesses of Jupiter can mean people with Jupiter in Gemini spread themselves far too thin, a general problem with the sign of Gemini anyway. They may be interested in so many subjects that they never give themselves time to specialise and become proficient in any one area. Jupiter continually beckons them on to the next subject which seems endlessly more fascinating than the current one which now may involve work and study to reach a deeper level. These are the people who no something of all the major religions but maybe don't follow any one themsleves or quite know what they believe in.