Jupiter in Cancer

With Jupiter in Cancer the planet lies in the first of the Water signs. Jupiter enlarges and emphasises the sign it is found in. Cancer is very much about our feeling and intuitive nature. Individuals with With Jupiter in Cancer are therefore likely to have grand and expressive emotions. They may be prone to large mood swings , although since Jupiter is considered a positive planet it more likely to take the form of a benevolent and kindly nature. For this reason Jupiter is considered exalted or in favour in te sign of Cancer. Everything about there emotional nature will be larger than life. They may come from a home with many brothers or sisters, or the parents and the house they grow up in may be a warm and inviting house. The house may be open to all people and strangers will be warmly welcomed and fed. The house they come from may be a place of great sociability with parties and people continually coming and going. Generally as a result these people will have many friends and aquaintances. Since Jupiter tends to expand all it touches and the sign of Cancer is to do with the home and sustenance and food, people with Jupiter in Cancer will be fond of their food and drink. Infact they may be prone to put on weight as the enlarging nature of Jupiter manifests in the body itself. The spirituality as represented by the planet Jupiter will be directed on the emotional level of Cancer. These people will believe in a spirituality that is generous with the emotions and the heart. They are therefore likely to be of a warm and charitable nature.