"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to
kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961), "Memories, Dreams, Reflections", 1962

Twelfth House

This is the last of the Houses and the end of our journey. Our Child has experienced the whole journey of life and is now ready to dissolve back into the group, bringing home all he has learned and experienced. If it is an idea, this will now have served it's purpose and as it's energy disippates it will gradually fade and be absorbed into the collective thinking, ready for a new concept to begin. The area of life this House represents is that of the ending of the journey. The strength of that which emerged in the First House is now ebbing as it carries it's experience back into the collective. On a personal level the individual is no longer separate from that which is around him. Much as when the night comes on, the edges of objects become blurred until they can not be made out as separate anymore. For a person it can mean working in isolation , living on their own and withdrawing from the physical world as they merge with some higher truth. It can be the mountain top where the monk withdraws in contemplation. Since there are no boundaries and distinctions between the people in this house, this can also be the place of caring and compassion where the sick and the outcasts and the weak in life are cared for and taken in as one of our own. This could be in the form of a home or hospital or an insane asylum. The insanity can also be caused by the person not being fully grounded in this world but having a foot in some other distant world.

The Twelth House is the last of the Water Houses. It is naturally ruled by the sign of Pisces. This sign connects all people together via it's emotional nature. What is it to be connected to someone else but to feel what they are feeling. This is the gift of this sign and this house. Here you are connected with a group feeling and indeed beyond to higher worlds of inspiration.

With all endings there are beginnings, so this House also hints at the beginning of a new cycle that will begin to emerge as a seed based on the energy of this ending cycle. For a person this will be the new generation ready to go forward and live their life with the memory of their parents and all they have been taught and inherited.

A Person with many planets in the Twelth house will tend to spend much of their life hidden away or at the very least they will regularly need their space to recharge. They will be highly in tune with the group consciousness and be sensitive to receiving inspiration from a higher source. They may end up working in hospitals and caring for other people. In a negative light they may have trouble adapting to day to day realities and may continually want to be on their own.