"Blessed is he who has found his work;
let him ask no other blessedness."

Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881), Past and Present, 1843

Sixth House

The Sixth House is the area of life concerned with service to the community. As the Fifth House demonstrated a person's full range of talents and abilities, so now these are put to work to the good of society or to earn one's way in the world. In our child analogy, the child is now a young man who having honed his talents is ready to go out into the world and make a living. The Sixth House is an Earth House and parallels the sign of Virgo. This is a sign about refining the Earth and it's processes. In ancient times there were the stories of alchemists who wished to turn lead into gold. In real terms this is a day to day process in which we attempt to turn difficult and wasteful processes into streamlined and effective routines. For most people this is in the realm of their day to day work, although it can be really any area in which we are being of some kind of service. The Sixth House is also about the realm of Health and Healing. This parallels the refining and improving nature of this house but in the realm of the body and the mind. Here there is a focus and interest in making the body and mind as healthy and efficient as possible. Unfortunately with this also comes the other side and that is the worrying and negative side of this House. It is the person who looks at every label and analyses every additive until nothing is safe or healthy to eat.

The Sixth House being a Virgo House is also concerned with the details of life, not necesarilly the big picture as it's opposite house the Twelth is. In the Sixth House, details of life that are not perfect loom large, as they are in need of refinement and perfection. Unfortunately with this there can be a focus on the problems and not on the positive side.

A person with many planets in the Sixth House will focus on refining the day to day tasks they encounter in the world. They will notice the faults and wastefullness in the world and will wish to correct them. This may make them appear criticising to others. They will be talented and interested in the areas of Health and Healing and are likely to have a very strong Mind/Body connection. On the negative side they may suffer ill health if they are not careful about how they treat their bodies. They may also focus strongly on the negative and what needs to be improved rather than the positive and what is already running well. Also they may tend to focus on the small details and miss the big picture.

With Venus in the Sixth House a person will be attracted to and talented in the areas of perfecting routines and day to day tasks. They may be obsessive about going to the gym or taking vitamins. They will be quite a perfectionist in what they like. Their service may take the form of being a Health Practitioner or a Fashion designer that finds their perfection in the clothes they make.