"Riches do not delight us so much with their possession
as torment us with their loss."

Dick Gregory (1932 - )

Second House

The Second House is a stage onwards from the emergence of an idea or a person that is shown by the First house. Here the keyword is Maintenance of that which emerged in the First House. As our child of the First House begins to realise there is a big world out there and certain things give him pleasure he will try and hold on to them at all costs. Just try and take away a kids toy and you'll see the strength of this desire. This House is therefore concerned with the areas of physical security and personal consolidation. What is it that is mine and what do I value ? This is shown by this house being an Earth House and concerned with Earthly matters. This is a house that is naturally ruled by and parallels the sign of Taurus, the second sign. Taureans are interested in physical comforts and objects that give them safety and security. Of course the greatest one of these we all know and most people chase after is money. It gives a person security and a freedom to pursue their desires. being an Earth House it is very much connected with the physical world and not abstract ideas or concepts. The physical world is full of beauty and sensual pleasures and they are there to be chased after.

At another level this chasing after possesions and money is really a desire to be comfortable and to be satisfied and to feel good. The Second House therefore shows us what gives us a greater sense of self worth and what it is we value.

Planets in the Second House show us what it is that gives us pleasure and comfort. On a physical level it can show us how we can earn our money in this world. A person with many planets in the second house may be quite focused on their physical comforts and possessions and in this way they may end up being quite materially successfull. Issues in their life will be focused intensely on their self worth.

With Jupiter in the Second House a person is likely to acquire wealth often through good fortune and an optimiistic and positive nature and faith in the world. With this position there is a hint of over indulgence and love of the sensual pleasures of the world. With the Moon in the Second House a persons self esteem may be quite cyclical and change from day to day depending on their moods.