"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a
journey that no one can take for us or spare us."

Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)

Ninth House

The Ninth House is the place where we search for a global meaning to our lives. It where we expand our personal limited ideas into a global vision. It is the place where we find our own God. For some people this may be finding oneness and beauty and challenge and adventure by climbing a beautiful mountain. For others it may be to visit foreign cultures and to see their way of living. For others it may be a formal religion which explains all aspects of creation. Whatever, this is a place where we expand our limited vision into a global one. The opposite house the Third was about accumulating knowledge in our local environment, however here in the Ninth House this knowledge comes together into a grander vision of the World. There is something intensely positive and idealistic about this house because it is the area of Meaning and Purpose. It is life affirming and points to some higher order at work, even if this higher order is just to see a beautiful sunset and wonder about the harmony that lies behind it all.

The Ninth House is a Fire House. It is the last and most mature of the Fire Houses. Here the inspirational energy of the First House still exists but in a refined manner. Conclusions are now being drawn about what all this inspiration and meaning points too. In our analogy our child, now an adult, has been through ups and downs in his life but now he asks what does it all mean. Is there a common strand that ties it all together or is there something that he has found that gives him meaning and purpose and inspires him with his life.

The Ninth House is naturally ruled by and corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. These fierey , optimistic freedom loving people are always looking over the horizon for a meaning or a challenge to keep them inspired. In such a way people with planets in the Ninth House cannot be boxed in or constrained to the mundane, they need to search for the bigger picture.

People with a lot of planets in the Ninth House will focus their life on a search for meaning and adventure. They may well be attracted to religions or even cults. They may also excel in danger sports and challenges of all kinds. They may spend much of their life travelling, living abroad or seeing foreign cultures. They will be good teachers and inspirational leaders.

With Neptune in the Ninth House a person will look for spiritual enlightenment by seeing the different cultures of the world of through a formal religion. With Mercury in the the Ninth House a person could be a great travel writer or inspirational storyteller. With the Moon in the Ninth House a person will be nurtured and nourished by having a higher meaning in their life.