"There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children,
children love hamsters."

Alice Thomas Ellis

Fifth House

The Fifth House is the area of life concerned with self expression and creativity. Having passed through the first Four Houses our child is now a youth and is ready to express himself and his unique talents in the world. No longer is he taking in energy from the outside world and establishing a place in the world, now he knows he has talents and something to give to the world out there. He has something to say and views to express. He is special and unique and the world is about to find out just how so ! It is the spontaneous outpouring of his or her creativity and inspirational energy. It is the place we truly feel alive and energised. Where does this energy go to ? Well for a young person inevitably their thoughts turn to the opposite sex. This is the place of the romantic love affair. The place where a person expresses their ideas and dreams and talents to another person. This is also a House associated with Children since their playfullness, joy and spontaneity are all reflections of this same outpouring of creative energy. This House will show how we relate to children since they are a reflection of the child inside each of us.

The Fifth House is naturally ruled by and parallels the sign of Leo. It is a Fire House and as such is full with inspirational energy. Leos understand the world in relation to how they shine in it. This is the House where we can shine and show our talents and charm and grace and generosity.

While the Fifth House is very much about my abilities and talents it's opposite, the Eleventh House, is much more concerned with how the individual uses his uniques talents for society or within a group.

With many planets in the Fifth House a persons focus will be on their ability to shine and show their talents, to be spontaneous, creative and dynamic. They are likely to possess a certain charm and style.

With the Sun in the Fifth House a person will radiate spontaneity and creativity , they may be quite self absorbed. They will look at ach event as to how it is related to their ability to shine and show their talents. With Saturn in the Fifth House a person's abilities to express themself will be severely restricted. Only through lots of hard work and experience will they begin to gradually be outgoing and creative. Possibly as they reach middle age, only then, will they begin to realise what charm and talents they possess. With Venus in the Fifth House, a person will have a charming nature and will be drawn to romantic love affairs.