"Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens
adversity by dividing and sharing it."

Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC), On Friendship, 44 BC

Eleventh House

The Eleventh House is about our friends and groups and the causes we are associated with. This is where we as an individual dedicate our talents to a greater cause. Where the Fifth House was about us as an individual and our ability to shine, the Eleventh House is where we put these talents to use in a larger arena. This can be any kind of cause. It could be to do with going into politics and championing causes or it could be being a member of our local housing committee or going to the Bridge Club. In whatever case it's not something we do alone. This is the last of the Air Houses and is ruled by and parallels the sign of Aquarius. This is an idealistic sign that wishes to share new ideas and concepts with others to move forward society. It has the theme of the brotherhood of man and the championing of the basic rights of the individual such as liberty and equality and freedom. Being an Aquarian House it is also associated with groundbreaking ideas entering society. In accordance with this, this House can be associated with Computers and Technology and leading edge thought.

More and more so it is becoming obvious that as a society we have a group consciousness. What is experienced by some pioneering members of society can then gradually be accepted by others. The Four Minute Mile was deemed impossible until Roger Bannister broke it. In the next year a number of people understood it could be done and thus broke it also. In this way the Eleventh House shows us our contribution to the greater whole which is indeed at a deeper level a part of us also. This is what mystics have been saying for years, that we are all connected. In our child analogy, here is where as a mature adult we learn to give back our contributions to the greater society around us.

This House says a lot about our friends and how we relate to others. It shows how we are part of something bigger than just ourselves and how we dedicate ourselves to a higher cause.

A person with many planets in the Eleventh House will focus their energies on group causes or pursuits. They may be involved in changing society in some way or just may enjoy being part of a group mentality. In it's most negative sense this could be the person who is obsessed with a cause or their role in it and may forget about the individuals the cause effects. We saw this very much so with some forms of communism and other ideologies, which often prefered to sacrifice the individual for the ideal, which was considered a far greater cause.

With Venus in the Eleventh House a person will be attracted to and talented in following causes and ideologies. They will enjoy being around groups of like minded friends. They may espouse high ideals and love to talk about political solutions to the worlds problems. With Saturn in the Eleventh House a person will be slow to meet and accept friends but gradually they may become a real leader and presence in any kind of group.