The Conjunction is where planets appear next to each other as seen from the Earth. A conjunction can be made up of a number of different planets that are in close proximity. Here the 360 degree circle is effectively divided by the number one as the planets are grouped together. This is the original number of unity in which there is no division or room for disharmony - it is pure unity. In this way the planets sing together their different songs. It's as if in an orchestra, there are a few singers on one part of the stage who are standing next to each other and their voices, although different, appear to originate from the same place and blend together. You can still make out the individual voices but it's not easy as they are now merged with those immediately around them. As we have discussed each of the planets represent energy forces that are also in the individual, ones strength or capacity to communicate etc. Therefore when we see these planets next to each other in the sky it teaches us that, in a similar way, inside the individual born at the same time, these energies will be expressed together.

Imagine a baby was born and from the point of view of the earth the planet mars and the planet mercury appeared very close to each other in the skies above. Although we know they have very different orbits they still appear from our point of view in the same part of the sky. Now Mars represents the strength and personal will of the person. Mercury on the other hand is the great communicator of knowledge, it moves at great speed around the sun and in myth Mercury or Hermes was the Winged Messenger. When we combine these two principles you can get an idea of what this conjunction means. This person would in some way be a powerful communicator. It could manifest as a person with a sharp tongue or it could be a great orator or a person who shouts a lot or a person knowledgable in war. The combinations are varied but the theme the same. To further tie down how this will manifest we have to look at the signs and houses these conjunct planets lie in.

Conjunctions are very powerful in that the two or more planets involved in them, work as a team, and combine and express their energies in a unity. This will make the persons with these combinations strong individuals in certain areas. In a battlefield it is like having some of your elite forces stationed together, like the cavalry and the infantry. This is the place you are focused on and are strong and proficient. There are some downsides to this however. A Conjunction can make you overly subjective and overly focused in one area. Since the planets and energies get on so well together there can be a lack of objectivity and balance. In the battlefield example you may be so focused on one part of the battlefield, where your troops are, that other parts can be neglected.

Sometimes there are periods in time with conjunctions involving many planets effectively making all these forces work together. These can often make unique and enchanting individuals. When there are conjunctions of the outer planets , whole generations have these combinations in their charts. The 1960's saw the famous Uranus Pluto conjunction, in which the combination of both of these revolutionary forces, gave rise to the upheaval and turbulence of that dramatic period.